About this Recipe

Savory and flavorful pasta. Don�t skimp on the seasoning!


Servings: 6

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes




Spinach Pasta








1/2 lb box of curly pasta

1/2 20-32 oz bag of frozen broccoli rabe or spinach

1/2 medium red onion or 1-2 shallots

2-3 cloves garlic

Olive oil





1.   Cook pasta according to instructions on box, adding salt to the water.

2.   Thaw broccoli rabe or spinach and squeeze out extra moisture (there shouldn't be much)

3.   Cut thin half rounds if using a red onion or small rounds of shallots. Cut garlic into strips lengthwise. Sautee in olive oil until soft and translucent

4.   Put thawed veggies in pan with onions/shallots and garlic.

5.   Add more salt than you would think (aka a Willig amount of salt😜) and pepper

6.   Cook until veggies are cooked through.

7.    Place drained pasta in a bowl, pour sauteed veggies over and mix. You may have to add more oil, salt, and pepper to make it taste right.



Close up of the pasta with the broccoli rabe in a pan.